Restorative Problem Solving


In addition to divorce mediation, Kim offers settlement consulting services to families facing all types of conflict, and to farms and businesses facing intergenerational and succession challenges.


The type of conflict is less important than your desire for peace in the problem solving process and beyond.  


Are you ready to explore this opportunity?


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The Packages


For settlement consulting clients, the most common packages are the 60-minute online "Immediate Fix" session (for those issues when the sh$t has hit the fan), the half-day "Soil Testing" session (online or in person) with report on the issue and possible solutions (includes follow up session to discuss the report), and the six or twelve month "Centennial Farm Legacy"


For mediation clients, Kim offers three packages. These are:

- the "A la Carte" package with a minimum of two online mediation sessions with everything else being "pay as you go".

- the four-month "Gentle Way" package with a maximum of eight online mediation sessions, a written settlement document, and additional ongoing support.

- the "Problem Solver Intensive" for families who need to settle matters as quickly as possible.

Regardless of how one works with Kim, the process begins with a complimentary 20-30 minute call. This way, you can figure out if you and Kim are a good fit, and she can assess if she's the right professional to help.

If she thinks she is, at the end of the call she'll ask if you would like to hear how she might be able to help you. You're free to say yes or no. If you say yes, you'll learn more about the packages and about what to expect.

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