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Why call a business about divorce "The Gentle Way"?

Kim could have named this business anything. Yet she chose "The Gentle Way". 

Unless you follow martial arts, "judo" doesn't mean what you think it does. There's nothing gentle about this sport.

"The gentle way" is the English translation of the word "judo".

Judo's always been Kim's favorite sport. First as a competitor (#3 in Canada for 15-16 year old girls), and later as Sensei Kim: a judo coach.

Judo: tough, close contact, one-on-one Japanese martial art. What you see doesn't tell the whole story.

Kind of like divorce that's amicable. Spectators see an ending with a winner and a loser. The participants - the family members - experience a restorative beginning in a crazy world.

With judo, spectators see: Throws. Grappling techniques. Chokes and arm bars. At times fast paced. Other times, an endurance contest. 

Athletes and coaches experience something deeper. For them, it's a dance of sorts, based on momentum and trusting sensations they can't explain in the moment.

Seemingly weak individuals transformed into powerhouses, stealing advantage from much stronger people on the mats. Many twists and turns.

There are rules and a code of honor. Playing by the rules, people remain safe. The athletes are comfortable. Opponents on the mat, yet always with a foundation of respect.


This is because of judo's two principles: 

- maximum efficiency with minimum effort

- mutual welfare and benefit.


This is The Gentle Way Divorce. The principles of a contact sport grounding conflict to create peace. 


Maximum efficiency with minimum effort.


Mutual welfare and benefit.


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