Working with Kim: 

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A Consultation Client: dispute with a customer

I was dealing with an unruly client, and wasn't sure which direction to go. This conflict wasn't gaining towards any resolution, and it was causing me a great deal of anxiety. I approached Kim for advice on what to do, as I was at an impasse with the customer.

Kim gave me the tools necessary to take the reins, and own / gain control of the situation. The resolution wasn't maybe what I wanted specifically, but I can clearly see how Kim's way, after talking with her was the right way.
I'm lucky to have met Kim, and to know her professional insights. If you're looking for an excellent conflict advisor or mediator, look no further than Kim Korven.
- T.W., tradesperson who wasn't satisfied with the advice received from other advisors

A Consultation Client: stay or go; learning about co-parenting

Kim comes with a wealth of knowledge and is so genuine in her approach to co-parenting. She has taught me what's mine and what's not and how to get the best results from the trials that come with co-parenting.

After working with Kim, I felt like a weight lifted off me. It was great to have a new perspective on how to handle the  issues that had been disrupting my peace.

- J.E., in the "stay or go" stage - doesn't want to hurt the kids


A Mediation Client: divorce / both parents in house

When I met Kim, I discovered we share the same vision of wanting to put the kids first. I wanted an amicable separation and I wanted to be fair. This is the results you get working with Kim.

I liked that my spouse and I were calling the shots. I thought it would be harder or more stressful, and it has been ideal.               

- M.C., living in the home, separate & apart, yet together for the kids



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A Mediation Client: A parent, adult child & their family sharing a home after a history of conflict

Kim facilitated a practical, magical process with me and my adult daughter, kindling our unity and releasing and healing old wounds.

Kim is a gifted and I highly recommend her for any couple or family seeking a higher level of love and camaraderie. 

- C.G., helping her adult child with a complex history get on her feet 




A Consultation Client: separation / divorce

When we started, I wasn't sure what to expect from The Gentle Way. My chief concerns were legal and financial.  What I got was so much more.

Kim's warm and sincere personality quickly earned my trust. I was anxious to move forward with the technical and legal aspects of the divorce. Kim helped me to slow down and to catch my breath. She helped me to open up and talk about my feelings and all that was hurting in my heart. I was in too much emotional pain to think straight and by listening to Kim, paying attention and following along, Kim was able to help me in ways I hadn't imagined or hoped for.

She helped me find peace and forgiveness and made me realize things about the marriage, my ex and about myself. And so, I was able to begin healing.

The legal and financial advice I sought came along with that. I was able to remove my emotions and to think clearly. My anger and regret began to shift awway and my heart began to lift again. 

- D.F., no children, spouse asking for divorce after an affair 


A Mediation Client: newly separated

Kim helped myself and my ex spouse to fulfill our hopes of separating from each other with respect and dignity.

Kim is a great guide in leading the conversations and keeping the focus on what matters most. I am thankful for the process of mediation with Kim.

Thank you Kim for a smooth and effortless process.

- L.H., parent who works at same place as former spouse




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