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When Kim was a junior lawyer, she once worked on a file where the couple fought over spices.


No one won. Except the law firms.


Then she learned 90% of business disputes never go to court. The people settle.

Now Kim helps businesses and families settle out of court.


If you've been dreaming of a different process than court,

one where you treat each other fairly and can still talk to each other, after,

you're where you need to be.

Want to learn how Kim works with people?

 Twenty years after that client fought over spices with her ex, Kim still remembers.


This didn't make any sense to Kim, then. It doesn't make any sense to her now.

Kim grew up on a mixed farm (grain and cattle) that was part of a machinery co-operative. She experienced the transformative results that occur when people set common goals and work together to achieve them, even though the problems that occur.

Kim believes people come first. They shouldn't be forced to fit into the lowest common denominator of the system and wrangle over spices or even cars. This is what she saw as a lawyer, and it harms families.

She realized this when she was facing divorce. The thought of interacting within that system terrified her!  She wasn't going to do that to her children. She knew families deserve better.

Her love for her children caused her to interact with the system differently. She discovered the system can be shaped to achieve results that are tailored to meet the values, goals, and realities of families, so they can feel relief. So the anger can disappear, where they can breathe and know calm.

Kim achieved this with her family.  They can all be in the same room, without tension. Kim was even mentioned in her former father-in-law's obituary.

Since then, working in person and online, she's helped hundreds of families transform conflict into a tool for restoring and healing relationships.


Working with Kim as a restorative problem solver, your experience with divorce is transformed so your family - not the law firms - wins.


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