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the lawyer turned restorative justice expert who transforms divorce into a life-affirming experience where everybody wins, especially the kids.

The bonus is you get to keep the farm too.

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When Kim was a lawyer, she once worked on a file where the couple fought over spices.


No one won.


Except the law firms.


 This didn't make any sense to Kim. She'd grown up on a co-operative farm, and had experienced the transformative results that occur when people set common goals and work together to achieve them.

Kim believes people come first. They shouldn't be forced to fit into the lowest common denominator of the system. This is what she saw as a lawyer, and it harms families. She realized this when she was facing divorce.

She knew families deserve better. The system needs to be shaped to achieve results that are tailored to meet the values, goals, and realities of families. She achieved this with her family. Since then, she's helped hundreds of other families win through divorce.


Working with Kim as a restorative justice expert, your experience with divorce is transformed so your family - not the law firms - wins.


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Kim speaks about her personal experience with divorce.

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She expects you to be real, and in return, she's real with you.

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