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How To Tell Your Spouse You Want A Divorce: A Divorce Script Workbook

Jan 23, 2020

Your marriage isn’t working. You’re angry and tired. Your kids are acting out. You want out! You want to divorce.

But you're afraid of the misery, trauma, and expense that are part of the traditional model of getting divorced. 

You know the model I’m talking about: where spouses fight over towels and can’t stand the sight of each other!

Where each spends at least $20,000 on a lawyer! It’s as if the pennies keep draining from your account and there is nothing you can do to change it.

You wish there was a different model. A less expensive model. One with less conflict. THERE IS!!!!

I know, because I figured out how to divorce peacefully, when my husband wanted to stay married. 

Sounds impossible, but it works! And it is cost effective.

It begins with how you tell your spouse the marriage is over.

You have a choice: pain or peace.

The traditional model of hiring a lawyer first and thinking later, leads to pain.

You need to think outside the box, to plan. This is where I can help.

I’ve created a divorce script workbook based on my personal experience with telling my husband our marriage was over. It contains the questions I asked myself when I wasn’t sure if I should stay married or divorced.

I answered those questions, and had an epiphany. Divorce was the best option for my children.

Then I used my answers to those questions to create a divorce script to tell my husband our marriage was over.

This approach - thinking and acting outside the traditional divorce box - kept our divorce peaceful. The result: relief that the conflict was over! Our children have thrived. So have we.

If this is the future you have been dreaming of, choose peace. Sign up and get started. Aren’t your children worth it?

Choose Peace.

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