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My Husband is Having an Affair: a work of alt-fiction

Mar 09, 2021

My husband is having an affair.

No one told me.

I know.

He stays in hotels when I am away.

Just one night.

He never lets me look

at his phone. He keeps it close.

He works late.


He is with her.


Hardly speaks to me when

he is home, unless it is

to berate me for something

I have not done.

He is here and not here

at the same time.

He is angry.

I am angry.

We still make love.


There is something frantic to it.

I enjoy it. He seems to enjoy it.

Does he?

I don’t know.

I don’t know who he is,


I love him still yet I

hate him, too.

I feel used.

Our children walk on eggshells.

Choose Peace.

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