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Disney and Divorce

Jun 28, 2021

Is Disney getting in the way of your happily ever after – be it marriage or divorce?

Those old Disney movies might be impacting your relationship and where it’s heading.

Think about the story lines in Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White. Those women had no power. They were portrayed as victims who had to be rescued by a handsome prince before they could live happily ever after.

Thanks to the messages from these fairy tales, I waited for a prince to rescue me from my first husband. This went on for three years.

I waited for a prince because I didn’t think I was capable of doing it myself. That prince? Wasn’t a new partner or a lover. That prince was my father. I expected him to help me.

He always had when I was younger. I thought I could turn to him. It worked for Disney characters. Why not for me? With the help of him, I knew I could do it.

He had the good sense to refuse. After all, I was in my early 40s. He had no place helping me rebuild my  life.

I had to figure out that it was my job to do that.

I did it. Without help from a  prince, I figured out how to end my marriage in a way that benefitted my family. Created a “happily ever after” by returning to law school to obtain a graduate degree. Got lots of scholarships. Taught a class. Met new people. Figured out who I was. Proved to myself on so many levels that I didn’t need a prince.

All I needed was to be living a life that brought me joy. One where I was happy. I wasn’t getting it in my marriage, so I created it.

Choose Peace.

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