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Average Divorce Cost in Canada based on approach

Feb 19, 2021

Ever wonder about the different ways one can approach divorce? And about the cost to divorce for each method, as well as how many months one can expect the process to take?

The table in this post answers your question. It includes three traditional methods:

  • court divorce or litigation which is the traditional model

  • mediation which is a neutral facilitator helping the parties communicate with a goal of settling the dispute

  • collaborative law which is the parties and their lawyers working as a team with a goal of settling the dispute.

The fourth method - Gentle Way Divorce is the method Kim Korven has created. It is a form of mediation in which the parties approach divorce as a life event and focus on what they want their lives and the lives of their children to be like in the future. Fairness and relationships are important.

The average months to resolution, per person cost and traditional billing method are included in the table. The “low” number represents low conflict families and the “high” number represents families in which there is a high degree of conflict. In court divorce, the high average cost per person - $54,390 would most likely include a trial.


  Court Divorce Gentle Way Divorce Mediation Collaborative Law
Duration 10.8 - 27.7 months 2.5 - 8.5 months 4.8 - 13.7 months 5.0 - 14.8 months
Cost/Person $12,395 - $54,390 $2,500 - $12,000 $6,345 - $31,140 $6,269 - $25,110
Billing Units hourly package per session hourly


source: Canadian Research Institute for Law and Family, 2018

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