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 Kim Korven of The Gentle Way


She stopped being a lawyer so she can more effectively help people in conflict focus on what's most important to them while crafting fair results that work. 

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Kim's the problem solver (consultant and mediator) you've been looking for, the person who can guide you to achieve the fair outcomes you've known are highly unlikely if you work with lawyers, yet you've been dreaming of.  


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What People Say After Working With Kim Korven



Because I didn't spend time and energy fighting with my ex, I was able to get back on my feet financially. We stopped fighting in front of the children.     - O.K.


I liked that my spouse and I were calling the shots. I thought it would be harder or more stressful, and it has been ideal.               - M.C.


Kim helped us figure out what was important to us. I am amazed we were able to be on the same page, and moving forward without a legal battle.     - L.T. 


I'm shocked it went that fast. Before we started, I thought this is going to go on and on. But no, we settled very quickly. I like the speed of it.     - P.K.


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