You're in a



You think, "Oh sh$t.

I don't know

what to do."


You're afraid your life

is going to be destroyed.


What if I told you conflict 

could be the best thing

that ever happened to you?


That conflict can be the

foundation for setting things right?





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Conflict, when done the right way, can be an unexpected gift. 

One where:


What matters to you informs the solution (instead of being told by your legal team that This is the way it's always done).



Heading to court or sending threatening letters isn't the default response. 


You quickly get to a fair solution that works, without worrying you're going to overspend.



You and the people around you no longer need to walk on eggshells.  


You’re just a few steps away from accessing the approach to conflict you want. 


Easy. Empowering. Fair.


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The better approach:

Kim Korven: from judge to the Conflict Queen

Through her legal career, Kim learned the legal system isn't about justice or children. It's about following a set of rules rooted in the 19th century.

Society has changed since then. This creates problems for modern humans who need to intersect with the legal system.

Kim knew this. When her first marriage was falling apart, she refused to subject her children to the 19th century institution known as the legal system.

Kim followed her instincts and focused on her children. Doing so, she created a new, peaceful path to resolving conflict.

Everyone in her family has thrived, 

... thanks to divorcing without following outdated rules and processes.

Are you ready to set your own rules, so you and your children can thrive?


It doesn't matter where you are. Kim works online, helping people around the globe peacefully create customized results that are fair and that keep the welfare of children front and center. 


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Check out what clients say about working with Kim:


I was dealing with an unruly client and wasn't sure which direction to go. The conflict was causing me a great deal of anxiety. I approached Kim for advice on what to do, as I was at an impasse with the customer.

Kim gave me the tools necessary to take the reins, and own/gain control of the situation. The resolution wasn't maybe what I wanted specifically, but I can clearly see how Kim's way, after talking with her, was the right way.

I'm lucky to have met Kim, and to know her professional insights. If you're looking for an excellent conflict advisor or mediator, look no further than Kim Korven.

- Taylor 


During my divorce I hired a lawyer, but I attained Kim’s services and worked along with her in the background at different times during the process.

She helped me better understand the legal system, interpret legal information, understand my options and alternatives, and suggested a better approach that would ultimately be better for our family.

Kim helped me go through my financials so I would better understand how division of property is done.

This took the fear and mystery out of the process and gave me more confidence going into negotiation. We were able to quickly reach a settlement that was fair and equitable.

Kim also helped me understand there were other ways to reach a settlement than going to court where a judge decides what is best.

Her advice and innovative ideas for things that could be negotiated in mediation resulted in an agreement that was good for everyone in the family.

We still needed lawyers, but we ended up saving on lawyer and court costs by working through a lot of issues on our own with her advice.

I would recommend you include Kim in your budget – It’s worth it!

- Kate



When we started, I wasn't sure what to expect. My chief concerns were legal and financial [following the end of my marriage].  What I got was so much more.

Kim's warm and sincere personality quickly earned my trust. I was anxious to move forward with the technical and legal aspects of the divorce. Kim helped me to slow down and to catch my breath. She helped me to open up and talk about my feelings and all that was hurting in my heart. I was in too much emotional pain to think straight and by listening to Kim, paying attention and following along, Kim was able to help me in ways I hadn't imagined or hoped for.

She helped me find peace and forgiveness and made me realize things about the marriage, my ex and about myself. And so, I was able to begin healing.

The legal and financial advice I sought came along with that. I was able to remove my emotions and to think clearly. My anger and regret began to shift away and my heart began to lift again. 

- Donovan 

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